Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Bit About Process

Peter photographing one of his favorite fields

Peter spends a lot of time looking and studying old and new locations. When he finds a location that inspires him, he photographs it extensively at different times of day, different weather and in different seasons. Depending on where we are I often take pictures too, challenging myself to find my own motifs as well as those that might inspire Peter. Certain locations are better at different times of day. Where the sun is setting or rising can either illuminate or hide the subject. 

Peter processes his photos on his computer and takes them out to the studio. Never lacking for inspiration, His computer in the studio is filled with hundreds of his photos. 

For a new subject, he will often, but not always, do a small study first and work out the details for the larger painting. The studies are like a practice run and are beautiful little paintings in their own right.

Once Peter has a subject he enjoys painting he will revisit it often. He was once asked how he explained his multiple paintings on the same subject. His answer was "if you prepare a great meal, you want to enjoy it again, right?"

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