Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mirror Image

Fawns feeding under our bird feeder

Friday, July 24, 2009

Paul at SVA

Paul on his last day at SVA

Paul spent three weeks at the School of Visual Arts in their pre-college program. He loved art school and life in the city and never wanted it to end. One more year of high school Paulie!

Paul dives into a real meal at Bao Noodles

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Caricature of Peter

A page from Illustrator Steve McInturff's workshop notes -- nice!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Workshop, The End

The final hour before everyone packed up and went their separate ways

It was a fun week -- we met wonderful people and now it's time to go home

Sunday Workshop, Last Day

Peter talks about mixing color

Making a point about green and it's many variations

Sunday Morning

Peter, Me and 200 years of American Presidents

Our last breakfast at the Notleymere Cottage -- crunchy french toast, delicious! Thanks Bob. We had a great stay and will miss this beautiful spot. We're also looking forward to getting home and returning to our routine.

There's always someone watching at the Notleymere

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Walk

An open field at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY

I took a break from the workshop and went for a walk at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park. Interesting sculpture set in open fields and along trails winding through the woods.

"Passage" by Emilie Brzezinski

Saturday Painting Demo

The second session of the workshop

Peter did a second demo on Saturday for the new students. Everyone joined in and we recorded this one. It will be available online soon.

Before he begins a painting, Peter brushes on a thin coat of
Galkyd Lite mixed with a little bit of Gamsol to lubricate the surface

A short video I grabbed about old brushes

A short video I grabbed about using a brush

Peter contemplates the painting process

Saturday Morning

On a hazy morning, Peter finds a new motif

We passed on Bob's amazing breakfast this morning to sneak out and photograph Central NY a little. Peter hasn't had much time to explore the area. He's pretty exhausted at the end of each day but wanted to make sure he got in at least one morning of photographing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Night

Dinner at Joe and Patsy Scala's home

Friday Workshop

Peter works with his new students

Friday Morning

Stained glass windows catching the morning sun

Peter's landscape workshop is two three day workshops that are back to back. Some students are here all week and others for 3 days. Today starts the second workshop and there will be some new students. After another great breakfast by Bob we head out for another day of teaching.

Me descending the staircase at the Notleymere

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Night

Bob Dacey and Roger DeMeuth enjoy some pasta and good conversation

Dianna planned and Bob prepared a huge dinner on the porch of the Notleymere for 30 or more people. It was a mix of workshop students, artists, old friends, family and neighbors. It was a wonderful party and a perfect ending to another beautiful day in Central NY.

Thursday Workshop

More photos from the workshop!

Thursday Morning

Peter took this panoramic

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Evening

Twinkle the cat

The end of another long day is spent relaxing on the porch of the Notleymere with Bob and Dianna. Very nice.

Porch parakeets on the lookout

Twinkle ignoring the parakeets

Wednesday Workshop Photos

Wednesday Walk

My afternoon break on Mystic Mountain

Wednesday Painting Demo

Peter starting his demo

The finished demo -- he says he'll put some finishing touches later

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Night

Wind Turbines in Fenner, NY

Joe Scala took us to a Chamber of Commerce dinner that featured a presentation on renewable energy sources and the gigantic wind turbines that are all over this area. We met some local business owners, ate some good food and had a nice time.

Peter and Joe Scala, Director of the Stone Quarry Art Park and founder of the
Mystic Mountain Art Workshops, make each other laugh all the time

I don't know these people, but I was fascinated
by the backlighting on their matching shoulders

Tuesday Rest

A 5 minute rest on the porch of the Notelymere before we head out for the evening

Tuesday Walk

Mystic Mountain flowers and corn

I took a break from the workshop and went for a walk up on Mystic Mountain. This is a beautiful area.

Mystic Mountain Waterfall

Tuesday Workshop

Peter in an animated moment, one of many

Peter's landscape painting workshop focuses on painting from photography. He started the day with a slideshow of his work and showed his reference photos along with the final paintings to discuss what inspires him and how he uses his own photography as a starting point. He distills the photos down to what he needs to communicate what originally attracted him to a motif.

Students at work

Discussing the power of Photoshop

Tuesday Morning

Morning at the Notleymere Cottage

Day one of the workshop and it's a beautiful morning. We had a little breakfast, took some photos and headed over to Mystic Mountain to unload the car and set up for Peter's landscape painting workshop.

There's something to photograph everywhere you look

My photo of Peter Woytuk's sheep in the morning sun

Dianna has a great sense of whimsey.
I never knew that I needed 2 heads under bell jars, but now I know I do!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Notleymere Cottage

Peter photographing from our room

For the workshop week, we're staying at the Notleymere Cottage in Cazenovia, NY. This is the most amazing place and worth a trip just to stay here with Bob and Dianna. The best hosts ever and very nice people. Everywhere you look is a visual feast. I will be featuring photos from the inn throughout the week as well as the workshop.

Sunset over Cazenovia Lake

Last light