Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Pizza

We started the fire in the early afternoon

One of my favorite memories of Italy, ever, was making home-made pizza with friends in a huge outdoor pizza oven in Umbira. It was a group effort from starting and tending the fire all day to everyone who chopped and assembled the ingredients and shuttled the pizzas between the prep area, ovens and back out to the hungry. It was a magical and memorable night.

Peter continues to stoke the fire as the sun goes down

Outdoor pizza making production line. Are there truffles on those pizzas? Yum.

Pizza man Peter at work

The oven was so hot the pizzas cooked in seconds!

Fresh, hot and delicious and most importantly made with love by all.
Doesn't this look like a Caravaggio painting?

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  1. I was hoping to make some sort of illicit remark, however, now I'm just hungry. That's all I got.