Thursday, May 19, 2011

Studio Visit

Peter and Lauren Travis discuss the art of business, I mean the business of art

Lauren Travis, the owner and director of Travis Gallery, visited the studio today. Peter will have a show with her this fall, November 5th-26th, 2011. The opening reception is Saturday, November 5th from 5-8 pm. It's always fun and an excellent opportunity to view some amazing paintings and meet Peter. Hope you can join us -- put it on your calendar!

Also, Lauren is now offering workshops in the New Hope area and Peter will be teaching the first one in July. There are still spaces available. For more information visit the Travis Gallery website,


  1. I can't believe how clean that floor looks...I have a feeling my mind's gonna be blown on Wednesday!

  2. You betcha! You're up early? or is it still late? You're blowing my mind!

  3. I was up at 6:30!! What's wrong with me??