Friday, July 20, 2012

Workshop, Day 5

Adding the final touches

Today was the last day of the workshop. It was a wonderful week best summed up with a sampling of some nice things people had to say about the workshop....

"Watching Peter paint is such an inspiration. He made the experience so much fun. I loved the field trips to his studio as well as the hike through the amazing wildflower meadow. I'm ready to paint!"

"Peter is an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable. He is very helpful and his comments are insightful. I learned a lot and my painting improved tremendously."

"Peter is the MAN! He is not only a fabulous artist but a great teacher too!"

"Peter's generosity, knowledge and enthusiasm for art are so inspiring."

"Peter has a wonderful way of explaining things that makes it easy to understand. His passion for painting carries over into his class and is refreshing and stimulating."

"I can't express just how much Peter has helped with my work and attitude towards painting. It was a fantastic experience and I'm a better artist for it."

Thanks to all who joined Peter this week. We both enjoyed spending the week with you and look forward to seeing you again some day soon we hope. :)

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