Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Making Gnocchi

Lisa, Paul and I try making Gnocchi

We had a lovely Easter weekend with Peter's kids, Lisa and Paul, and my Dad. Lisa had a craving for Gnocchi so we made it. Paul gave his muscles a work out grinding the potatoes in the food mill. I made the dough, rolled it out and Lisa put the trademark fork tines twist on each one. Peter took this photo of our production line.

We made a double batch and couldn't believe how many little gnocchis we had lying around on cookie sheets waiting to be cooked! It was a lot of work for a plate of pasta, but delicious. I have a new respect for gnocchi and a theory about it -- someone must have had a lot of potatoes they didn't know what to do with and were tired of the other options; boiling, baking, roasting and frying.

Just wanted to add that I made tiramisu for Easter dinner and had a lot left over -- again with the double batch! I just put the leftover in an ice cream maker with some chocolate shavings and it is amazing!

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