Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pere Lachaise


Endlessly fascinating

Accessorized for the afterlife

Not to be too macabre, but I think I could have spent the whole day at Pere Lachaise. There was something surprising everywhere you looked -- the carving and statues and inscriptions and endless details. After a life of style, you got a burial with style for all of eternity to see.

People always talk about going there to visit Jim Morrison's grave, but I think that there are so many other compelling reasons to go! It is really odd and beautiful and well worth the trip.


  1. I love Pere Lachaise Cemetary, I have great friends (Joa and Delphine) who live around the corner so I have walk the streets in that neighborhood many times. Ahhh your blog makes me wistfull for Paris..

  2. I just discovered I can leave comments on my blog too! Duh. Looking through all of our photos and seeing the studies that Peter painted, made me wistful too!