Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Start a Blog!

The Marie Zimmerman Estate in the DWGNRA is a beautiful place for a walk

I've been a bit lazy with my blog. Summer and my ceramic sculpture explorations have taken precedence. It's time to start actively posting again. I have a few more photos from my walk at the Marie Zimmerman Estate in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area that I will be sharing in the next week or so.

The blog has been a great project for me to focus on my photography and discover what is of visual interest to me. It forces me to look and photograph at times I might not have. In the past, I always took photos, but they just went into a folder and I never did anything with them. Now it's been fun to go back and study what makes a photo a good photo and how to manipulate it in Photoshop to make it even better.

It's hard to believe that this is my 120nd posting. The blog has been a great tool for learning and a great tool for doing -- I strongly recommend starting one!

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