Sunday, March 22, 2009

Peter in the Landscape

Peter photographing

We were up early and out photographing by 9, which by Peter's standards is quite late. We both felt the need to sleep in a little after celebrating our good friend's 40th birthday. The sky was overcast and it was pretty cold out. We had a nice walk and took a bunch of photos. 

Peter on the path

This is a spot in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area that Peter has enjoyed painting studies of lately. He wanted to revisit some of those motifs at a different time of day and a different time of year.

Peter with antlers

I took more photos of corn stalks and other bits of nature, but I mostly had fun photographing Peter today. I have a real fascination for adding antennae or antlers to people and I couldn't resist this last one of Peter in front of this lovely sycamore. Sorry Peter!

Peter took this one of me

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