Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Studio Visit with Graig

Graig and Peter talk about adding more chroma to liven things up

Baseball artist Graig Kreindler came to visit the studio today. A former student of Peters, Graig stops in every once in a while to talk to Peter about painting and show him what he's working on. Today it was 3 Lou Gehrigs, 2 Mickey Mantles and a Christy Mathewson. We always feed him and try to open his mind to new flavors. He's come along way since his student days, but still wouldn't eat the shrimp in the Fra Diablo we made for dinner. He sure missed out!

To see more of Graig's paintings, visit www.graigkreindler.com

The genius of Graig Kreindler, Wrigley Field 1945